Iaido classes are at Brighouse High School on Tuesday evenings, 8.15pm to 10pm and at other times and venues occasionally. Please see the location page for further details.

Alternatively classes are available in Sheffield and York.

Initially fees are £5.00 per class. Once established in the club, fees are payable on a monthly standing order basis. A yearly membership fee is payable to the British Kendo Association, please follow the link below for price details.

Minimum age to take part is 18 years old.

It's best to come along and watch first, that way you can get an idea of what's actually involved before committing yourself to taking part, and any questions you might have can be addressed then. Please contact us before you come along to watch.

Before actually taking part for the first time, you must be a member of the British Kendo Association for Insurance purposes. A low cost temporary membership is available for starters needs, please follow the link below for details

British Kendo Association

When you first take part please just come along in loose sports type clothing [not shorts], any other equipment required will be available for you to borrow initially. Practice clothing [hakama, keikogi and Iai Obi] and equipment [Bokuto, Iaito etc] can be obtained at a later date in line with advice from the teacher.

For Jodo classes please contact us for current details.

For Kendo classes please contact Halifax or York for details.

Iaido Classes