The name Do Shin Ken Yu Kai means 'The society of friends in the way of the sword' and the club practices the traditional Martial Arts of Iaido [AJKF Seitei and Muso Shinden Ryu], Kendo, Kenjutsu [Shinto Ryu and Mizuguchi Ha Itto Ryu] and Jodo [AJKF Seitei and Shindo Muso Ryu]. There are several branches of the club in Yorkshire and Lancashire, contact and other details can be found on the contact page. The intention of this site is to primarily introduce the reader to the practice, History and Philosophy of Iaido and Jodo, more information on Kendo can be found by following the link provided.

In it's current form the dojo has been going since around 1979/80, though the dojo can trace it roots back further, perhaps to the late 1960's, when it was under a different name [Tsuru] and practiced Kendo exclusively. The club was based in Leeds in those early years, it moved to the Halifax area around 1979/80 and became Do Shin Ken Yu Kai at that point. The then dojo leader, Kunio Kashiwagi sensei, gave the dojo it's name and the calligraphy of the dojo name you see on this site was penned by his father. Kashiwagi sensei is still living locally and practicing Kendo.

The dojo leader for Iaido and Jodo is Keith Rose, he has been practicing for over thirty years, studying Iaido under Ishido Shizufume sensei, and at times with his father Ishido Sadataro before his death in 2006, and with Hiroi Tsunetsugu sensei for Jodo

Please take a few moments to look through the site, perhaps especially the advice for newcomers if you you would like to come along and try either Iaido or Jodo. The club consists of people of different ages, experience and abilitity and has an open and welcoming atmosphere.

Do Shin Ken Yu Kai is a long standing member of the
British Kendo Association.